Shawn Storm – World Keeps Turning Lyrics

The world keeps turning
Suh mi pray to the lord
Fi keep me away from the morgue

The world keeps turning
Sufferation global
But it rough down a yard

The world keeps turning
Minimum wage meck people a live like dog

The world keeps turning
Mi seh the kids dem a missing too hard

(Verse 1)
Every revolution bring a resolution
Marcus true don
Garvey fi Nubian
Every black man, Kyro, Tussan
A nuh black star-liner wi a cruise pon
Every ghetto youth from Pain to Juise Land
Two road suh choose one
Pick money boos and
Private blues pon Cerocrusan
Money fi go loose gang
Kiaty, Peruslang

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Know how fi move in a room full a vulture
Don’t meck dem know you weakness like sculpture
All if you wise play the fool like that’s the culture
Else your body a go in a the sopulca
Meck money, meck money, bank book bulca
Ghetto youth dream a fi richer than Shulca
Study people caw dem change in a hulga
Christian seh prayer, mi seh fire wi fire

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Dem seh equal rights but no justice
A rich man alone deh pon the first list
Why poor people still a cut wist
And poverty and crime plus this
By the color a you skin, yo past a must risk
The system design fi white a must kiss
Sodom and Gomorrah the great city
God mash up two man a buss kiss
Weh the f**k this

(Repeat Chorus)