#ANTIDiary Rihanna Unlock Room 7 Inch Closer

Rihanna inches closer to releasing her new album ANTI. The Bajan pop singer has unlocked room 7 in the series with only one more room to go.

In the one minute clip, Rihanna was directed by a woman to enter a room but when she pushed the doors open she found six men typing on a vintage type writer made of all gold while the entire room is made with gold. Her younger self then gave her a gold crown as she excited that room.

Young Thug To Be Featured On Rihanna’s New Album ANTI

There is still no official release date for Rihanna new album ANTI, but speculations are that it will drop as she unlocked room 8.

Rihanna has been working on her eight studio album ANTI for more than a year leaving some of her fans frustrated.

“This is genius but I don’t care anymore, I want the album?,” one fan wrote on YouTube.