Twin Of Twins – Bun Again (Padlock) Lyrics

You nuh hear wa happen to Gully Bop and fi him girlfriend
Shi meck him hype till him dis the don down a Grands Pen
Now shi have a man a wear all him underpants dem
You see it? Bun again

(Verse 1)
It nuh matter how you ugly from a money you a spend
When Foota get the bakery mi sorry fi mi friend
Till him start all a see alien a walk among men
You see it? Bun again

As a man rise nobody cyaa control him
First thing him change a the friends dem weh round him
Next thing him want is a Beemer and a browning
Change every link mama cant even found him
Hey, you see seh mi did right
If you life nuh private you get the lime out a the light
You wi thing she’s not the type fi carry a man in a yo bed
In a the middle a the night
Now you see it? Bun again

Unuh member when Gully Bop a walk and a hype
Seh him love Shawna Chin and everything tight
How everything perfect and a him alone shi like
Till shi lick him wid a padlock and full him up a bite

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Wi did a laugh after Vegas from way back when
Nobody couldn’t tell him seh the girl a pretend
Shi meck him bwal eye water fi the money weh him spend
You see it? Bun again

Mi seh don’t meck no woman mad you
When dem love you when you poor deh suh you know yo value
Dem wi mess wid yo heart and Wayne Marshal you
Don’t put no woman over the one weh have you
Hey when people talk the truth dem bad-mind or dem a diss you
Member you struggle, love the one weh stick with you
Gyal wi tek you out a gully and bathe you and trick you
Now everybody talking guess what the issue
You see it, bun again

Wa kinda gyal want a man wid only one tooth
If you naw think money then you naw talk truth
Dem yah wicked gyal weh a seh Elephant cute
Look how Ninja ugly and gyal a gi him youth

(Repeat Chorus)