Jahmiel – Smile A While Lyrics

Oh it feels good working so hard
Years go by now it paid off
And mi mother alright
Her smile so broad
I thank you lord

Oh it feels good working all night
Years go by now it’s alright
Never stop from fight
Weh you seh mi couldn’t do mi just try it

(Verse 1)
Man a suffer fi a billion years
Now mi waan fi be a billion year
Everybody happy when dem see me appear
True mi nuh selfish meck you see me a share
Mi buy a shoes, Boyzey get a similar pair
If a one food box cover wi still a tear
No mi nuh fi get that’s why mi still a care
Trace yo dreams don’t live in a fear

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
A whole heap a youth mi motivate
With the steps I take
And they have seen my mistakes
But now mi get the break
They saw that’s it’s a long journey
Looking back I’ve came a long way
Oh sometimes it brings tears to my eyes

(Repeat Chorus)