Tommy Lee Sparta – Soul Reaper Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Run out pon dem wid the 16-bomber
One a bwal Jah, Jah, and one a call Mama
Kotch hi pon the wall meck hi stammer

You head back get hammer
Meck mi gyal tek da keltech one yah
Man evil you know
Man evil you know

Mi dawg bark carbon
Have a cup a bullet unuh waan one
One a dem buss up a the organ
Man start laugh and

Bwoy haffi disappear from yah
Don’t tell mi bout my mother
Caw mi never tell you fi go s**k yo mother
Soul reaper deh yah fi tel you soul
Soul reaper deh yah fi send you home

A bare duppy we meck yah
Westmoreland, a bare duppy we meck yah
Portmore, a bare duppy we meck yah
One man alone own 33 weapon

(Verse 2)
Rifle shrub out like Bounty mouth
Allow point meck you duppy come out you mouth
You a move like a fire starter
Suh yo body just a smoke the most
Mi nuh tek talk, mi nuh play fool
Si the sign deh disobey rule
Send down a gunman fi a pan a shot
Link up the thugs dem round a green dot

(Repeat Chorus 2X)