Rich Homie Quan – Shawty ft. Timbaland Lyrics

Dj Timmy Tim
2016 baby
You know I’m coming
Rich Homie, C’mon

Shawty know she can be the best
Shawty don’t go for disrespect, nah
Shawty ain’t down with that bulls**t, nah
Shawty stay ready like a full clip
You know you my shawty
You know you my shawty
You know you my shawty
You know you my shawty

(Verse 1)
Shawty got my heart
I’ll never give up
Long as shawty play her part
I’ll never switch up
Get yo feelings out yo heart
No, I didn’t hit her
We’ve been players since the start
Yea it’s Ben, and us
I gotta keep that sh*t 100
Cause in Ben I trust
Bank accounts a lot of money
I had to fill it up
Making plays on that corner
Trench coats, pistols tucked
Serving J’s every morning
Getting dough listen up
Lil Shawty loyal
I know that she’ll take a charge for me
Finish everything I do
The reason I don’t start nothing
Now lets goooo
Where ever you want
We can do it big
Put that on my kids
My Shawty give her the world
Cause Shawty a little girl
I.d.c of what you think
In the bank with a bank
Shawty walk around this mother f**ker
Like her s**t stank

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I’ll be yo man
Maybe you can be my girl
You offer a hand
Baby I’ll give you the world
I told her get her hair pressed
I do not like curls
I told her wear that tight dress
And put on them heels
Shawty got a nice lil set up on her rear
Love her so much
I can’t get her voice out my ear
And I heard that’s yo partner car
That Porsche not his
West coast chill
On them California hills
Throwback Thursday
Three years ago worth a mil
And I’m still independent
Ain’t have time for a deal
Hundred thousand for the M6
5 million for the leer
They know I been did this
It’s me who they gone fear
Better wipe off yo lenses
Hope you can see me clear
Take that bi**h out of park
And put that bi**h in first gear
A lot of ni**as make me sick
So I hope the nurse heal
Cause you know I gotta goooo
My lil Shawty do the mosttttt
No Aaliyah, she rock my boatttt
Glasses touch each other tonguessss
And lil Shawty is the baddest
Spend that money with my babyyyy
Yo game on rookie mine on Madden
I got her now
So you’s a has been
Tell me what she knew

(Repeat Chorus)

Shawty, woah
Shawty, Rich Homie Baby
Shawty, Aye