Popcaan – HomeMade Lyrics

Dem bwoy deh a homemade badman
A wa do some mermaid badman
Cyaa call mi no old age badman
Grands Pen man dem a real, real, badman

Dem bwoy deh a mermaid badman
A wa do some homemade badman
Cyaa call mi no old age badman
Maxfield man dem a real, real, badman

(Verse 1)
Creg town mi nuh pile man
Mi nuh Messy
Rifle left the place Messy
Dem bwoy deh talk too much kill dem wid the spechy
Caw mi nuh kill fool wid mi tek hi
Miller 9 rise the rifle and press hi
As man buy a new gun mi go test hi
In a chest, in a head, in a belly
Anytime you si Brook valley man bwoy bury
Wicked, shot bwoy pon the ferry
Wid thr SK…finish him wid the Askelly
From people fi dead Post Mouth man ready
And unruly nuh chat crime pon the celly

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
The bwoy dem go si man and grin
So mi burn up dem skin
Gatling go buss out dem chin
Call mi the reaper weh grim
A nuh stone mi a fling
And my war nuh flop like sting
And mi nuh gas up no man mi nuh ting
Any war weh the unruly fight that wi win
Bwoy head buss in a half what a thing
Wid the Pakistan rifle weh Jah Frasko bring

Notnice, wicked man thing that
Skin burn up a nuh hotwings that
Big fat MP-40 mi sling that
When mi seh berry a nuh black berry pin that

(Repeat Chorus)