Gucci Mane – Perfect ft. Young Thug Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Gucci Mane)
I’m tryna get it my way
They say Guwop got bales and bricks, that’s what the FBI say
Half a million dollar car, I pulled it out the driveway
Got 2 million dollars on a bus pulled over on the highway
Ni**a owe me, come back shooting like Big Worm did on Friday
These ni**as twitter beefing but I keep AKs at my stay
All in it’s entirety, menace to society
I’m black minority, white folks call me violent
They tried to ban Gucci Mane music and the people started rioting
Drop top Maserati, no more f**king licence
Man look what they did to 2Pac, look what they did to Tyson
I got two vices, smoke weed and shoot dices

(Chorus – Young Thug)
I just bought two pints and they look perfect
I don’t want no bi**hes out the hood less they look perfect
I just bought some Forgi’s for the fend now it look perfect
Ever since I ran into your nanny that bi**h look perfect
I don’t want no, less they looking perfect
I just need my, ooh it look perfect
Baby bring me the, baby the candy look perfect
I won’t touch on that, unless it look perfect

(Verse 2 – Young Thug)
I want a AR, I’m drinking on the day job
I ain’t talking bout no motherf**king
DK hit em with the f**king car
I’ma hit em with the f**king AR
I’ma cash out on them bi**hes, get it right back out the trenches
F**king on em way too fast, I need a ticket
Like I’m beefing with her brother, man you know lil mama with it
Bought her 10 pairs red bottoms, man you know lil mama sh*tted
Killing em, red tatted lips on the coochie, man you know my dog gon kiss it
DK casino, I pass em to him and you know he gon kill it kill it
And you know my plug came from a village
And you know my room Michael Jordan image
And you know I’m really Scottie Pippen bi**hes

(Repeat Chorus)