Shane-O – Ghetto Youths Lyrics

(Verse 1)
You fi buy a cleaner
And you fi read star
You fi focus on what you wanna be star
You nuh fi pree war
Pree money, house, pree car
Buss a blank
If you agree star

Big up mi black sister dem mi naw diss none
Even though a loving some a sell out a street star
Pickney fi go school, food haffi eat star
Fi real star, a just life man a pree star
Fifty pack tek yo life, time hard star
Ghetto get hot, you haffi cut left yo yard star
And ghetto youth if you seh you a go bleach
Bleach wid the cream and nuh bleach wid the dog star

(Listen Chorus)

(Verse 2)
No faith nuh deh yah, no hope nuh deh, deh
Look in a the ghetto no support nuh deh, deh
Look paw mi face seet no joke nuh deh, deh
Own a don a kill wi off caw no vote nuh deh, deh
In the mean time good life be fine
Youth you nuh fi pree crime, life cyaa rewind
Member this wi have a journey a go
Party today caw you nuh know if you a live fi see no tomorrow
If a fi peal pine, mi a dweet mi need mine
Babylon a kill wi off, dem waan wi feel bine
Dem nuh waan the ghetto youth fi get dem real shines
Suh you haffi know who you a trust in these times

(Listen Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Listen Chorus)

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