Migos, Skippa da Flippa & Young Thug – Crime Stoppers Lyrics

(Intro – Young Thug)
Thugga Thugga! Migos!
Bring them bales, bring that cookie, cocaola
Woah, I thought I told you, told you

(Chorus – Young Thug)
She so not playing, she gon stop it
I’m so fly like helicopters
Tune the car up like a doctor
Motherf**k all the crime stoppers
Eat her inside like a lobster
Chrome Heart glasses, Harry Potter
Actavis in baby bottle
Balmain’s on me like a model
I don’t wanna have a problem
I won’t ever ever bother
I won’t watch it, ain’t a stalker
Looking down at these imposters
Hurricane whip with my father
Hurricane whip with my daughter
I’m living life like a mobster
I serve that kush like a Rasta

(Verse 1 – Quavo)
He looking like he a robber, he looking
I call my ni**as to pop up, go get em
Watch out for snakes and koalas, watch em
Cause a ni**a might sing like the opera, singing
I got your hoe on my roster, your hoe
No styrofoam, we drink out the bottle, drank
My ni**as came from the bottom, my ni**as
Your ni**as not eating, they starving, aye!
Play with the keys like Marvin, woo!
Migos the maniac, Thugger the arson, slat!
I beg your pardon, bi**h!
If you want the gas then we got a garden, gas!
I’m with my woe like New Orleans, woe!
Trailblaze the money like Portland, money!
I make my hoes do orgies, woo!
Camera’s in my room, you know it’s recording, movie!
2,000 just for the sneakers, 2,000
My mom used to trap out the beeper, brrr!
You might think your hoe a keeper, your hoe
Til you see the way we treat her, smash!
When I put the dope in my hands, dope!
You never gon see it again, magic!
I see that you fake through my lenses, fake!
I feel like breaking Offset out the pen

(Verse 2 – Offset)
They broke me out of the pen
Back at it again, dressed in Louboutin
I hopped in the Benz, I put on my lens
I put my ice on my neck, flooded, I’m drenched
Right before Christmas they let out the Grinch
I hug on my mama, I pick up my prints
They slipped, the pistols they found had no prints
I’m back to the balling like Jeremy Lin
The Lambo no burning, not making no sense, Lambo
Pinky ring like I’m a pimp, pinky ring
Work your hoe out like a gym, work her out
That chopper give you Adele temp, fade
She know Offset is a baller, baller
We sipping Actavis like water
I’m still a savage, run up with some caution, savage
Put your ass up for an auction
Pipe it up, pipe it up, pipe it up, pipe it up, pipe it up!
Dabbing in Balenciaga
S**tting on bi**hes and pissing on ni**as
It looks like I’m skiing with these Gucci goggles
And ain’t nothing changed, we still got the yoppa
Still got them birds singing like it’s an opera, brr!
Standing on couches, dabbing up in Opera
Your diamonds are cloudy, your gold look like copper

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Takeoff & Skippa da Flippa)
Dressed in a suit like a mobster, mob
For the bi**hes, my ni**a, turn to a monster, hurr
Catching plays in the bando like Alge Crumpler, catching plays
F**k a ni**a’s bi**h, they call me Brian Pumper, smash
9th grade I did it, had cookies stuffed down in my locker
It ain’t my fault, nig**, no Silk Da Shocker
I dab so hard that I need me an Oscar
08 I dropped out, I slam dunk like Vince Carter
When you trap, gotta be smarter, diamonds water
These ni**as do not go harder
Me and Skippa da Flippa, we switch a roo bi**hes
We f**king that bi**h one time and you gon spoil her
It’s a 50 on me, walking with a wadmoney!)
Just copped a 100 round stuffed with some hollows
I go buy 10 pints and you go buy a bottle
If I go in my safe I’ll be counting til tomorrow
I got a Wells Fargo stashed up in my cargo
You ni**as Felicia, you ni**as gon borrow, bye Felicia
My double cup got the color of purple
And I beat the pot like I’m Hoppo, bih!
This here’s clean
And it don’t take a scientist to see you drinking Karo, swear!
I drop a four in a Faygo
Pull out the chopper and make em dance, call it tango, Flippa!

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 4 – Young Thug)
She not gon play, she gon run that money up
And give it to Thugger
I’ma pull up on her wearing three layers
I’m dressed like a muh f**king robber, swag
I feel amazing, you know I go brazy
You know I don’t play bout no commas
I sell some more green, I smoke on some more green
I look like a muh f**king forest, forest!
Come to the Kroger for groceries
More in it, more in it
So bad she got her direction from Superhead, what!
I know it, eh, eh
Coward s**t, you talk to the towers and internet
Bi**h I’m so on it, it, on it
I’m counting it
I’m seeing right through you, lil bi**h you should’ve got the presi tint, f**k it
Yeah, she bout it, she bout it
She drop it, she bout it, she bout it, she bout it, she bout it
Yeah I’m just a player, you not milk, you not cowing, swear to God
She don’t need no talk cause my jewelry be showering, I swear
I spent like 50 bands on that bi**h, I was scouting it

(Repeat Chorus)