Jidenna – Long Live the Chief Lyrics

Ni**as fighting over rings
Ni**as wanna be the King, but
Long Live the Chief
For a li ol thang lil boys bang bang
Long Live the Chief
Ni**as fighting over rings
Ni**as wanna be the king, but
Long Live the Chief
Now watch pretty mama while I slang my cane
Long Live the Chief

Cockroaches and the rat s**t
Hand me downs with the patches
Mama put a little money in the mattress
Taught me how to make a silver spoon out of plastic
You can either sink, swim or be the captain
Get the last word Ima get the last laugh in
Now they say Jidenna why you dressing so classic?
I don’t want my best dressed day in a casket
You can either lead, follow or get out the way
Make a f**king move it would make my f**king day
Got a 100 year plan you jus think about today
Always been about time more than been about pay
Can’t rump with me
Usain couldn’t run with me
Chief come to find you
You don’t come for me
At best you can run a lil company
Ni**a at worst, I could run the whole country
Thats right pimp game like a brothel
Thats why I don’t judge a ni**as hustle
I AirBnB the crib like a hostel
Summer rate cheaper because the streets get hostile
Shaka boy, this fire from Mojave boy
So no I won’t record for your homie boy
I turn the party out like a naughty toy
Then I go and hide in plain sight like a lobby boy
Yessuh, that’s Jidenna on the banner
Riding for my ni**as getting locked up in the slammer
Elders saying everything’s a nail to a hammer
And ni**as can’t spell but we know our Instagrammar
Well done’s better than well said
I read ni**as well, a ni**a well read
Really I ain’t met nobody smarter
Thats why I got admitted but I still rejected Harvard
I’m the fresh prince, in a school where they couldn’t read
Mama put me in a school with the Kennedys
When I met Bill Clinton I was seventeen
But dead presidents is all my ni**as need
Dining with the governor’s daughter
And her father say I remind him of Obama
I’m the chief diplomat every day
And I’m black and white Janelle Monae

(Repeat Chorus)