Chris Brown – Who’s Gonna (Nobody) Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Baby tonight it’s gonna get nasty
I want you at the tip of my tongue, all down your body, no
My face is your pony ooh, and I want you to ride it
So I can drink your rivers down, you quench my thirst babe, no

(Pre Chorus)
I’m taking your lace panties off you, gripping your thighs, oh no
It’s gon be the greatest sex you ever had in your life

Tell me who gon love you like me? Nobody
Who gon touch you like me? Nobody baby
Who’s gonna f**k you like Breezy? Nobody
Nobody yeah, say oh, you make me say oh

(Verse 2)
Climb up on my mountain, oh til I reach your valley
Damn your walls they fit like a glove, til you rain on me, yeah
Sending us in slow grind, feels so good I make her morning cry
I’mma grab your wait and pick that ass up and make you lose control

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)

I’m the type of ni**a f**k up your life once I get in the pu***
Cause I hang with them killers that really be shooting
You don’t answer my call, I’mma hop out them bushes
And I creep to your window like f**k is you doing?
I’m feeling like a stalker, girl you know I’m crazy, that pu*** amazing
I dive in your waters, let me get you til the morning
I say you be popping your pu**y, you tell me you innocent
I know when I see friends with benefits
You know my Cartier friends got limo tints
But I can see through the attitude and silly sh*t
Girl no don’t do that no more, took her out the car, right on the hood
We was f**king like animals, yeah

(Repeat Chorus)