Tommy Lee Sparta – Kratos (Shelly Christmas Pt. 2) Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Die motherf**ker
Everybody wake up
Whole place shake up
Can a war Kratos

Shock wave like lightening
Bruk dem neck thunder
March through weh the devil sonda
Feed dem to the vultra

Never know seh a suh mi tan
Fi buss head a my tradition
Kill bwoy infront old woman
Dem go watch angel and demon
Pu**y buck you weh yo head a rest
Weh mi send you down a Medorest
A chigger mi press
A the one weh nuh run deaddy best

Mercy to the enemies giving
The rifle burst load dem soul haffi run in
Protected by the war angels form birth
This is the reason war

(Verse 2)
Bullet just a flick
Everything a burst from the firestick
Catch him in a him whip
Everything mi gi
Vegetable chip

Sparta, everything mi gi
Duppy endz anything mi si
Everything mi kill
Pu**y run up in a the crun
Gunshot a broke up every bone
Bone harrow that a Robbin own
Pitch one in a yo silicone
Mi a get too dark suh mi advance in a killer zone
Bleach pon bwoy till mi tone
K spray like a colon

Dem a move loose, meck a run through
Dem a move loose, meck a run through

(Repeat Chorus)