Shawn Storm – High Grade Lyrics

Dem just a smell the oder
Cyaa find the weed
Just the sweet aroma
Grand bag a fi it up a Arizona
Real badman naw tiff no powder

High grade a that mi want
Bush weed that you fi draw
From the weed good mi spend mi last

High grade a that mi want
Police stop mi weh you want?
Mine mi tell you fi go nam yo mumma rass

(Verse 1)
Weed pass that fast
High grade grass that fi mi breakfast
Puff, puff, though Sivver naw pass
In a Savinna Park burn wa kinda a grass?
Real crocodile naw go side a shark
Cyaa burn mi spliff bwoy no time at all
Nuh you put yo mouth pon vagina wall
Cyaa touch the fire key go find a ball

Buy a grand bag a Scrappy Lana
Likkle bit a grabber meck mi happy on yah
Although a never Christmas mi clap the lama
Purple Skunk sweeter than Tropicana

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
As mi wake up
Grabber bay puff
Fi the high grade cake cut
And a grape nut
Weed have mi lungs drape up
Grand bag a straight up
Suh mi blaze up
Me ellect unuh
Suh unuh elect the weed
Don’t reject the weed
Please eject the seed!
And the drop leaf easy check yo speed
Move too slow you a real old centipede
Just quarter pound fi start around
All part a town weed keep mi heart a pound
Rose water drown, man nuh ask around
Fling weh that

(Repeat Intro & Chorus)