Wiz Khalifa – Call Again Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Wiz Khalifa)
Time and time again
I tell em I don’t love em I just f**k em
Then I move on to another one, pass em to my brother
Get that pu**y under cover, got her a*s from her mother
Got my weed straight from Berner, you a nerd so you cuff her
Alcoholic trust these bi**hes I learn they no s**ker
On that gas like a trucker, smack the a*s when I f**k her
I get plenty love, it’s all of the above
I’m on Gin and drugs, give me some
Then it’s straight to the club, pockets feeling numb
Ni**as love trynna hate on us, they ain’t real enough
Always feeling building up, young and I’m rich as f**k
Text your bi**h, I ain’t trynna Netflix & Chill with her
I’mma roll and drink, give her the best di**k she ever had
She don’t f**k then I’mma get her bestfriend instead of her
My cash is irregular, I bag bi**hes everywhere
Got some clothes still got on the tags that I don’t never wear
You on last smoking doing dabs I run through the cash

(Chorus – Wiz Khalifa)
They trynna argue
You don’t believe in what you hear, it’s all the same
You been here time to time, you heard it all before
After I f**k you once I’ll never call again

(Verse 2 – Problem)
These bi**hes be like
D**k hopping, clique hopping for better positions
Pillow talking to any ni**a paying attention
They on a mission tryna fog up a players vision
F**k then I’m finished, before you leave bi**h go clean that kitchen
I ain’t gon lie oh yeah the Chachi was a victim once
Before that happens again you will catch me smoking blunts
And all I do is papers, all I’m bout is paper
Love you for the night, tomorrow we are strangers
You ain’t gotta call cause I ain’t
Texting can we kick it? no reply
You text again like I thought we had a connection
I texted back bi**h I ain’t that type of guy
Gang over everything
Taylor, Diamond Lane we the reconnected
Bi**h is better then expected
Bossed up, f**king top so you better no disrespect
It’s Compton to the f**king burbs we connected
Hit the

(Repeat Chorus)