Stein – Suzie Wong (Old School Freestyle) Lyrics

Suzie Wong, she a Japaneses
I man a black man
Live a Miami but shi come from Japan
Shi a eighteen, but mi pass twenty one
And every weekend shi call mi long distant
Now am talking on the phone a hold some conversation
Whisper in a mi hears mi temperature get strong
Last night shi a tell mi am the only one

But stein a tell you seh
Punanny it rule by woman
Punanny get stab by the man
Come in a baggy, it nuh come in a no pan
It nuh come in a no suit case a come from London
Don, don
Don, da, da, don, da, don, don, don
You know seh this a Steezie pon the microphone stand
And anywhere mi go you know the place haffi ram
Ram, ram
Ram, rah, rah, ram, rah, ram, ram, ram
Mi seh anywhere mi go mi seh the place haffi ram
And if it nuh ram a mussi the promotion
Big up the promoter yaw man
Weh book mi fi sing couple song
Bwoy a bwoy, big man a big man
bwoy a bwoy, big man a big man
Big up the fans dem yaw man
Big up every sound, every sound man
Mi seh mi haffi big up every patron
Reggae music and dancehall strong
This gyal tell mi seh shi have a plan
Seh shi have something fi the don
So shi fly from over finland
Rub down mi chest and shi a rub down mi hand
Mi turn her back way pon the night stand
Pull down mi zip and then mi tek out mi John
Mi tek it out and it long like mi hand
Mi put it in and mi start to jam
Jam-jam, jam, jah, jah, jam, jah, jam, jam, jam
Caw mi straight like a arrow and mi naw go nam
Any gyal can tell you man a real bad man