Lil Kim – That Bi**h (Remix) [New Music]

Lil Kim is back on the scene with new remix “That Bi**h,” produced by Nic Nac.

Where my real bi**hes at?
Only Queen Bee can bring the real ni**as back
If I could I’d get the keys to the jail and free Bobby
We need the real ni**as back, Hold ya head shmurda
Your MCM is my TBT
You might catch me on the jet with TBE
We all eating no EBT, Prime 112 then LIV
Everything LIT, we bout to make a movie
And sell this s**t to NBC
Chanel nail polish, lingerie yeah it’s all designer
He eat the pu**y on the spot like benihana

Lil Kim – That Bi**h (Remix) Lyrics

Listen track below.