J. Cole – Folgers Crystals [New Music]

Here’s a new single off J. Cole’s Revenge of the Dreamers II tracklist entitled “Folgers Crystals,” produced by Elite & J. Cole.

Now I could be the change that I wanna see
I can heal the world for real if a ni**a speaking honestly
Nat Turner in my past life
Bob Marley in my last life, back again
Look in to the eyes of a young ni**a who survive against all the odds
Look into the eyes of a young ni**a who’s surprised to be alive
I died 5 years ago
The game snatch a ni**a’s spirit yo
My resurrection was a miracle
Cause still I rise, it’s ill advised to bet against him
Raised in hell but heaven sent em, let em diss em

J. Cole – Folgers Crystals Lyrics

Listen track below.