Post Malone – White Iverson (Remix) ft. French Montana & Rae Sremmurd Lyrics

(Intro – French Montana & Post Malone)
You know what it is when you hear that, haaan?
Double OT
Post Malone
I’m a new breed
Montana! Montana, haaan

(Verse 1 – French Montana)
I’m surfing, surfing, I’m surfing on you
Wavy, I’m wavy, I’m wavy on you
Started from the block, yeah I was broke, I
Didn’t give me no choice but slinging that coca
Dealt with the hand I was dealt like poker
Came back with the 4, 5 like Michael Jordan, like Jordan
Started rapping, they was laughing
Bought a spaceship, bought a mansion
With J-Lo in the Hamptons
Now I’m dancing
I bought me a crib with a lake
Purple drank like grape
Bi**h jump off like Blake
Diamonds looking like steak
They ain’t getting real money, since I was so young

(Chorus – Post Malone)
Saucing, saucing, I’m saucing on you
I’m swagging, I’m swagging, I’m swagging oh ooh
I’m balling, I’m balling, Iverson on you
Watch out, watch out, watch out, yeah
That’s my shot, that’s my shot, that’s my shot, yeah
Spending, I’m spending all my f**king pay

(Verse 2 – Post Malone)
Cigarettes and a headband
Commas, commas in my head, man
Slumped over like a dead man
Red and black, bout my bread, man
I’m the answer, never question
Lace up, learn a lesson
Bi**h I’m saucing, I do this often, don’t do no talking
My options right when I walk in, jump all them Jordans
I’m balling, money jumping
Like I’m Davis from New Orleans
Or bi**h I’m Harden, I don’t miss nothing
F*** practice, this s**t just happens, know y’all can’t stand it
I have it, I’ll never pass it, I work my magic
High average, ball on these bastards, it makes me happy
It’s tragic, I make it happen, and all y’all Shaqting

(Pre Chorus – Post Malone)
White Iverson
When I started balling I was young
You gon think about me when I’m gone
I need that money like the ring I never won, I won

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Slim Jimmy)
Yeah, Slim Jimmy
I spend it as I get it, I’m balling with no limits
F**k practice, I’m the illest living
Ain’t no games or gimmicks, I’m defying physics
Flying through the air, saucing with the hair, SKRRT SKRRT
Matte black Range, big diamond earrings
Keep a ni**a on his game, I’m balling like AI
Somewhere in LA, hot, secret Sunday, I
Blowing all the bank
Young, Iverson
When I started balling I was young
I need that money like them rings I never won
I need that money for them rings I never won

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)