Sizzla – From The East Side Lyrics

From the east-side
People from the west-side

From the north-side
People from the south-side
Lets get this party going
And give this good vibes a flowing

From up town, people from down town
People in a the ghetto
People all around town
Lets get this party going
And get this good vibes a flowing

(Verse 1)
Link mi fans dem all over the world
Tell dem link up and represent it from early
Later Gangster him pull up wid him girls
And likkle more the party full up a dem girls
The selector dem play some ratid tunes
Go link yo friend come meck wi start it soon
Wi party now caw wi full up a the joy
Left some thing that you won’t destroy

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
So you love the people from the people spread it calaterial
Big up the girls dem, gangsters full allot a gyal
Tell the youths go to school not material
Everything you do recorded, every gun got a serial
You do the wrong when you lead them a stray
What’s wrong why you killing everyday
On this time you got to be more kind
Condition yo mind and leave the earth behind

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
So we got to get rid of all these killings
We don’t need to see no more blood spilling
You see me smoking the trees oh yea am chilling
Thinking about development
Got to erect some new buildings
The violence let you hurt each other
Sisters against sisters, brothers against brothers
We don’t need these wars no more
To see my people die is such an eye sore

(Repeat Chorus)