Jeremih – Impatient ft. Ty Dolla $ign Lyrics

(Pre-Chorus – Jeremih)
Know your city, what you’re used to
Know I ain’t exactly what you’re used to
Know you’re prolly worried what I’m used to
I don’t blame you, what you s’posed do?
Last time we f**ked like it was all night
Now you got me thinking bout you all night
Me and you, seemed like it’d be alright
Long as we can keep it all night

(Chorus – Jeremih)
Cup full, yeah I’m on
Poured up, she ready
Leave here, too on
Tell me where I’m headed
Tree leaf, a little O
You know I’m faded
Heart shape and I love that
Come here, I’m down with it
I, can’t
I can’t keep my eyes off your face
Legs on top of your body
I’ve been waiting for so long
Girl you just don’t know, no

(Verse 1 – Jeremih)
Still dipping through the city with the top down
Shawty got that show me what you bout now
I ain’t waiting for tonight, I’m talking right now
Still know my way right with the lights down
Set it down every time you go low
Ain’t nobody worried if we on it solo
You know when we creeping it be alright
I kill it ’til you say it’s all mine

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Ty Dolla $ign)
Tell the Bay I’m ready, bae I’m on it
I can go all the way until the morning
We could do all different type of positions
I’ma have you s**king on my fingers while I hit it
From the back, you like it like that
I know 50 different ways to make you climax
You got the flavored oil, girl you nasty
Rubbing lotion on you, you ain’t even ashy
Tryna get you to the room and take you down
Come give it to a thug
Give it to a real one

(Repeat Chorus)