Trey Songz – Blessed Lyrics

(Intro – Spoken)
To whom it may concern
How should we start this?
I guess it’s long overdue that we speak
I mean who ever thoughty we’d be here?
It’s fair to say you did
And I know we did
But the rest of them, they didn’t believe
So many blessings, few sins here and there
What a motherf**king life we done lived
But yet, we still feel like we gotta show you ni**as how it’s done

Now tell me God, how can you love me after all this sex?
How can you love me after all these drugs?
How can I be the one to feel so blessed?
Oh, thank you
Had to get that off my chest
Oh, thank you

(Verse 1)
I just dropped a bag in the club off of nothing
I just did it all for the love of the stunting
I was in the strip club we was throwing money
I was in the strip club, I was throwing hundreds
I just got a phone call said press five
If you wanna talk to em on the other side
Told them when we touched down we gonna ride
Out here we gonna have your name so alive
I just got a call from my girl, she tripping
Talking that bulls**t, I ain’t tryna listen
Only thing I wanna hear about is the money mission
I just heard another song about a ni**a wrist flicking
That’s what everybody, ni**a what you really getting?
One thing bout it, I don’t owe no ni**a
I’mma go hard, go soul, go realer
Shout out to the dopeboys tryna get skrilla
I just want a hundred rings, Slick Ricky
I just want to reach a mil, two fifty
I just want to call her like, girl get me
To pull up and take off, my ni**a cause we got to go
Roll up cause we got the smoke
Get high whenever we want
Specially when I’m feeling down
I got my ni**as around
Thank God my ni**as around
Thank God that liquor around
Dive in that liquor and drown
All of my ni**as have pounds
Big homies the sh*t in the town
I get you hit in the town
Never forgetting the town
I been the s**t in the town
Fore I was s**t in your town
Hop out the whip when I get in your town
And I’m d**king the prettiest

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I just got some pu*** man, she was doing magic
Baby got the coochie splash, hate to graphic
I just bought some kush and man, it was fantastic
On the red carpet, ni**a floating like Aladdin
Money stretching, flipping like aerobics and gymnastics
Ni**a more focused than some bifocal glasses
Tall bullet, please don’t hit them with the plastic
Ni**as on my team with the dealing and the trapping
We just want the rings and the women with the fashion
This is just a dream, boy
Now I’m like a king, like I had you all clapping
My ni**a Dave bling, got the gold and the platinum
I could switch it up cause a ni**a got the rose gold
Ni**as switching up on a ni**a that’s a no-no
Got the stick in this bi**h jumping like pogo
Never turning back, that’s like f**king with my old hoes
Money in the bag that’s just a ni**a roll though
Don’t we do it all for the dough though?
Don’t you wanna ball like a pro though?
Think about it all while I’m dolo
She sending videos and the photos
Busting wide in the wide body photo
I’m tryna tell ni**as they should know though
S**t moving too fast, need slow mo
I feel like when hugh Hef was young
Mansion, a few heifers come
Boy, I lost count of the tally
Move from the hills to the valley
No type of stylist can style me
F**k with my robe, crown on my head
It f**k with my soul, f**ked with my head
Where do I go when we leave here?
I talked to God, this what I said

(Repeat Chorus)

Don’t we do it all for the dough though?
Think about it all while I’m dolo
Don’t we do it all for the dough though?
Yours truly
Think about it all while I’m dolo
Trigga, Drum
Don’t we do it all for the dough though?
Think about it all while I’m dolo
Don’t we do it all for the dough though?
Think about it all while I’m dolo
An open letter to whom it may concern