Trabass & Jah Vinci – Ride Or Die Lyrics

She’s my ride or die
She’s always by my side
She know this is a gangsta life
Anything cyaa happen and shi meck the choice

My ride or die
She’s always by my side
All if the case fi try
Shi a sacrifice cause shi naw deny

(Verse 1)
She gimmi the tightest grip
Me a the man, she a the hypest chick
Anything a anything, marrow fi fly
Duppy bat shia fly dem quick
Gangster chick and shi keep it real
That mean every other guy get trick
She a mi ride or die
My love shi willing fi try

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Everyday shi a pree income
Bad from morning, worst when evening come
Shi nuh raid fi buss my gun
Anything jump up a dem first lydown
Meck mi gi you more clarity
Any man violate, hard erase no apology
Mi haffi rich, she haffi rich
Meck the money living happily a wi policy

(Repeat Chorus 2X)