I-Octane – Cant Hold Me Down Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Hello badmind it’s me
I’ve been wondering why you fight me so much
And still cyaa conker me
Waan mi light fi out
A mussi true my life a shine so bright
Guess dem wanna be me

Hello, can you hear me
When man did a suffer like dog out a road
None a dem never see
Waan mi go under, waan mi toe fi freeze
It’s such a difference between us
But time will leave you to Jah

Mi see it clear in a dem eye
The bugger dem waan si mi die
Go tell badmind sorry
Dem cyaa hold me down

Go tell badmind sorry
Dem cyaa hold me down
Dem nuh waan see a next man rise
Si mi nice
Suh ghetto youth, I a tell you open your eyes
Your eyes
Go tell badmind sorry
Success breaking dem heart
And it shows, shows

(Verse 2)
Hello, are you there
You never know the table would a turn
To how hard you fight mi career
That I would a fail
But just the grace of the most high help mi
So I could prevail
It’s no secret that you envy US
But you naw go live fi si mi life get flat line

(Repeat Chorus)

Dem hold wi out
Dem go the hardest
Fight wi fi nothing badmind cause it
Psalms a day cut off the dutty crosses
Waan wi go back go sell a market
Dem seh a cruff wi should a turn mi hear dem talk it
That’s why wi aim wi accurate
Wi nuh miss the target
Every ghetto youth life fi sweet like malaces
Entrepreneur have wi own a office
Bank book fi heavy need a fork lift

(Repeat Chorus )