Chilando – Funeral Day Lyrics

Mi naw wait fi him roll out in a Benz
Shot a travel like a Messi kick a ball in a the fence
Skull a crock, las a chop
Left the f**ker in the trench
Cyaa catch him keep a dance
Meck him group up wid him friends
Send a fat sexy browning serve him at the tent
Bullet dem a get, mi time dem when the Hennessy a quench
Call Fox and mi wi stan him
Like you love sell evidence
Mi nuh need a f**king group yeah mi bad by mi self
You a call Killer name and not even get him hail
You a call up mi name because yo career it a fail
Shot a fire, teeth a scatter, some a drop in a the drain
Tell yo self yo bad, in a real life a just yo brain
Naw send you a no doctor when you si mi wid the chapper
You nuh have no gun suh how comes you a tell mi you a shatter

Call rebel side name, pu**y deh suh you wrong
If you never know pu**y Flanka mi come from
Rise up the jungle jesus, step out a mi hand
Shot a lodge in a yo body f**k up every organ
Who a boost you up a mussi Fat Albert
The glock pon rapid like how the clock work
Bullet load up in a body like a concert
The rifle wid the built in hammer weh nuh convert
Dem cyaa find him body all google dem a search
Bout groudn level now yo left yo mother earth
Mi nuh f**k likkle pickney but mi wi tek yo mother purse
Mi duppy dem hard, mi pastor tell mi seh mi curse
Anybody weh a dead pu**y you a dead first

13 seh you a fag that only get worst
Call mi the barber caw yo life cut short
From mi a feetos pu**y mi nuh tek talk
Man a crocodile dem bwoy deh a shark
From mi deh primary bwoy head a buss hard
In a war mi get hundred when the book dem a mark
Shot knock out knee-cup a nuh mayweather task
A run like Bolt but him never too fast
Yo career naw shine pu**y look in a the glass
Mi nuh have no visa, wait a the airport
In him a the lobby tek yo life like a bank note
Tell the cabby press gas shot dem a upload
A nuh remedy, but him still a tek a full dose
Tek a picture mi nuh care
meck a facebook post
Fi yo bloodcl*** friend dem si seh you a ghost
The picture fi the day start trending post
In a real life yo gyal a did mi bi**c west nose