Turbulence – Could Have Been Yours Lyrics

I could have been yours
I could have been right there by your side
I could have been your man, but I know your plan
I guess your not pure

I could have been yours
I could have been the man you can rely
But baby girl you tell too much lie
I cant take no more

(Verse 1)
Baby love, sneaky likkle snake the grass is not too tall
But I can see you ways no matter how low you are
You heart is like a crocodile
You bitter than a….
No I donèt wanna….
I don’t wanna come near you no
I don’t want you there
Caw mi tired a you mystery wa you create
Caw mi nuh waan no half-key voice paw mi track

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
She’s so deceptive that’s not the way to live
By any means necessary that’s your preoperative
A nuh everything glitter a good
Cause vanity wi bitter you soul
Just remember love
Tell mi why yo hear so cold
Cyaa meck you take control
No way, I don’t want it back
Cause mi tired a you mystery
And mi nuh waan no half key voice paw mi track

(Repeat Chorus 2X)