Future – Last Breath Lyrics

I was so hardheaded at first
My grandma didn’t even believe in me
I kept going though
All I can say is I told you
Jewelry at the bank now in the vault
You should’ve never doubted me, yeah, yeah
I’ma work til my last breath
I’ma hustle til my last breath

(Verse 1)
Yeah you should’ve never doubted me
The pain and the struggle followed me
My daddy never been there, bothered me
And these cold streets made a man of me
Know a time, it’ll come, they doubt me
Had to keep them OGs round me
Keep a young, young homie grounded
You never know where your motivation’ll come from
We do the most for these broads and pop Chandon
They try to push you aside, you gotta fight some
I had it on the dot and now we ride guns
I want that number one spot, I’m like icon
I got that beast in my house, I’m like Tyson
With my heart and my drive, I know I’m righteous
Keep some ice on me, Rocky, Rocky like Balboa
Once you win, win, win you gon want more
Set a trend, trend, trend, need an encore
I was down on my last when I found myself
I’ll be a fighter til the end, til my last breath

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I came from them quarter waters
Every ni**a in my gang unemployed
You f**king round, you must want a gang war
I got ol girl, then I transport her
Trapping is a habit, I got Xans on me
I’m hotter than a flame, keep the fan on me
Catch me whipping, I’m Hussein with them bands on me
I’ma kill the competition and I’m playing for keeps
You see water dripping off me then catch it
I turned nothing into something, now I’m living
You neglected me, you know you shouldn’t have did that
They was counting me out, you know you shouldn’t have did that
You didn’t recognize my drive, shouldn’t have did that
Now I’m flying every day, I won’t get back
I just wanna be the champ for the misfits
And the ones that would say I couldn’t do it

(Repeat Chorus)

Who knew I would take it to a whole nother level
Who knew I’ve been racing with a whole nother rebel
Shawty wasn’t checking for me, mama wasn’t checking for me
I hustle every day just so I can spend a check on you
You my dawg til the end, I got so much respect for you
I watched you give up on me, but I never lost faith, did I?
You didn’t ever hold me down, then I bought a new safe, didn’t I?
Paper plates flushing in that Wraith, didn’t I?
I’m built with a new reputation
Blood, sweat and tears are my new foundation
Obama on my main line, I could run the nation

(Repeat Chorus)

I got tears in my eyes
My dreams all I got and I’ll die for it
If I love it with a passion, I’ma ride for it