Mavado – Funeral Bell Lyrics

Funeral bell
Squeeze off
Bombohole a go a hell, done talk

No witness cyaa tell
Dem mussi waan Casava Peace rise mi Askel

(Verse 1)
Mi tell you seh mi dawgs dem hungry and glutton
Wipe you offer the earth JOHN CROW cyaa smell nothing
Wi do this from wi hear badman nuh press button
When the thing open, this yah trap dem like mutton
This nuh tek nothing
From dem seh it’s on, dem sleep wid one eye open
Mi left the city war this a nuh pie-pie supn
The 50 send shape nozzle
Mi f**king gun suh bazzle
Mi left dem white a scrapple
In a body shot a truckle

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Grands Pen, the K turn on like ambulance
Mi dawgs dem out wild no mad ants
Mi shooter straight, dem unbalance
The rifle a left head unbalance
Dem a enemy couldn’t be no fans
Like kole dem a bury in a sands
Portmore arms heavy in a hands
Bombohole could a heavy in a ranks
Dem meck the talk, we meck the walk
Put on shot dem cyaa tek it off
Like a movie a suh mi left it off
Like the rass red sea a suh mi left hi part
We first a kill in a any start
Dem bwoy deh a bi**h, mi nuh have any heart
Mi sick the 12 gage weh left many sparks
A suh wi burn dem skin left many spark

(Repeat Chorus)