Elephant Man – Cellphone Ting Lyrics

Badmind wi kill you fi yo cellphone
Dem bwoy deh full a envy and grudge
Nuh watch dem when dem come around
Dem a fake and come a pose like thug

A how you get da phone yah king?
And a answer it when it a ring
You come a chat to man loud
Mi wi find my phone pon I cloud
Suh when the police dem come look fi you
You bad lucky that you tell yo self now
You should a buy one new off a the shelf now
You should a go a FLOW or DIGICEL yow

Bring back mi phone GPS tracking you
Could a hide in a yo house or even outdoor
Still a find you if you run go Portmore
Brother can you please bring back mi note phone!
Bring it back please!

(Repeat Verse)