Young Thug – Bout (Damn) Time Lyrics

We came a long way and that’s why I say

Bout time, bout time, bout time, bout time, bout time
Bout time, bout time, bout time, bout time, bout time
Bout damn time, I swear to God
God damn time, ayy

(Verse 1)
I done ran that money up, bout time
I used to stack a five, now I’m stacking dimes
I don’t care if none of y’all ain’t my kind
Your watch cost 5000, you wasted your time
And I’m finished, why you still at the line?
If you ain’t Damu ni**a, you must be blind
And I ain’t turning down, turn down for what?
I’ma turn up every time, every time
Every time, every time
I cop a ten thousand pimp belt
I told the bi**h she gotta s**k and f**k
Ooh, in front and back and make her double nut
Wrapped up in towel, got out my cat plug
I swear to God she wetter than a tub
I supply real ni**as and they show me love
I f**k three, four hoes every time I’m in club
Rap pack, now I gotta see these f**ks
Mommy wassup? No gives, I got kilos
She a
I wanna be that ni**a, my Denali truck stand tall
I can’t even see these ni**as
If i wanted to I still couldn’t see these ni**as

(Repeat Chorus)

I came from the bottom, bout time, yeah
I know these ni**as want problems, bout time
I’m a full baller bi**h, for a long time
Came from smoke in the cup, quite a long time, yeah

(Verse 2)
These bi**hes know I wanna f**k em all
Young Money s**t
These bi**hes know they come round me with no drawers
I’m on that horny s**t
This that horny s**t, I don’t care, I got horns bi**h
A capella now, I’ma beat your f**king clique
I might mail this s**t, I won’t never tell no bi**h
All my bi**hes thin and brown, this that pretzel s**t
Miss Chelle, Miss Chelle
She got bumps and rumps all over B
I buy her CC, then I turn that s**t to BeBe
I’m like feed me, feed me, feed me
I don’t wanna eat ye

(Repeat Chorus)

It’s bout time bi**h
He ain’t have nothing to say ni**a
Ain’t going back, ni**a
I drank pints a day, bi**h
Loaded, ay