Skeme ft. Chris Brown – 36 Oz (Remix) Lyrics

(Chorus – Chris Brown & Skeme)
All I ever wanted was some Jordans and a gold chain
Now I need all thirty-six O’s out the whole thing
My watch be telling me I ain’t got time to play with hoes, man
All I ever wanted was some Jordans and a gold chain
Wake up in the morning feeling like we don’t deserve this
Once we get it started, ain’t no way you could reverse this
We do this for real, it ain’t no way to rehearse this
You play round with mine, I f**k around and get you murked

(Verse 1 – Chris Brown)
Helicopters flying round my house, like f**k em
You know that 12 stay investigating, I don’t trust em
You done drove a long way, only sold you one A
If you talking gun play, ni**as got that one way
Take it to get stuck in traffic, I pull out then pass it, we driving them hearses
And your homies been wearing your t-shirt to practice speaking them verses
We do this for real, I ain’t got time to see no bird bi**h
I just pop a pill, this codeine got a ni**a swerving

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Skeme)
I used to flip them things and get that change up out em
Young ni**a done got that change but ain’t s**t changed about him
I put my neck down on the line, got twenty chains around it
You ain’t talking bout no money, we don’t hear about it
Tell all your ni**as we don’t need the convo, I’mma have twenty hoes twerk at the condo
I been riding since the summer of 87, crazy thing, I wasn’t born til the 9 0
All of them years we was broke what I shine for, got me separating zeros like grind for
I break a nine out the motherf**king brick with my eyes closed

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Skeme)
Snitches get stitches, I feel like you ni**as some fakes and some bi**hes
These ni**as will tell on they partners, just hoping the judge give a break on the sentence
Hand on the wheel, I just handle my business and I wish dollar bill was living a witness
The way this lil ni**a done round up them digits, man I got that gift like it came with ribbon
I tell these liberty bi**hes that I ain’t switching less we talking bout switching positions
I turn the wood to the world for my ni**as, I hope that s**t did make a difference
They dodge a homie cause of codeine I’m sipping, these glasses, homie, gave me Cartier vision
They hating on me, faking on me, but still I ain’t tripping

(Repeat Chorus)

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