Demarco Ft. Beenie Man – Ghetto Youth Floss Lyrics

Get a cup a ice and a boom
Don’t go two a dem or else a boom-boom
Walk go a the dance wi nuh have no vroom-vroom
Circle the party wi a search fi pum-pum

To rass, a suh ghetto youth floss
Sip one Guinness whole night in a glass
Have a bills in a mi pocket well mask
Grades man pass a bills bag fast

To rass, a suh ghetto youth floss
Wi haffi look every frock tail weh pass
Mi spend a thing but mi naw spend mi last
Mi si ride but dem cyaa ride mi ass

(Verse 1)
Hey Skipper weh mi waan si Hennessy fa
Mi cyaa afford that well a Guinness mi a go sipper
Cause after the party gyal a go still pull down mi zipper
Hold mi head high real ghetto ni**a
Caw nough bwoya road sell out fi drink liquor
Get fi find out dem a real born switcher

Real ghetto youth naw turn no ass kisser
Mi rather drink mi spit yah

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi have the Magnum, and the wrizzla and mi weed
Mi have mi lighter, mi have everything mi need
play some tune and meck the gyal dem tek the lead
Suh you know seh later on mi ago have something fi bread
Party suh nice until mi don’t even waan fi leave
Watch how the gyal dem just a roll up like a sleeve
Yo know seh man a gyallis haffi get a gyal wid ease
My girl come yah please

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus 2X)