Nicki Minaj She Is My Friend, Responds To Wheelchair Bound Person Wand To Walk

Nicki Minaj was a fairy got mother on Halloween at least to one of her friend who was sitting in a wheelchair.

The “Only” rapper made headlines last weekend when she posted a drunken video of herself clad in her Halloween outfit, a fairy. She was joking about a someone in a wheelchair that she wand to walk.

#PIllCosby .. Nicki Minaj Bill Cosby Halloween Meme Sparked Outcry

Seems a lot of media outlets picked up the story calling it insensitive prompting Nicki Minaj to respond via her Twitter page saying that the female in the wheelchair is her friend and that she is not disabled.

“Lol. That’s NOT a disabled person and u know that. Are u that desperate for attention?” Nicki told one popular blogger on Twitter.

Perhaps the media jump the gun on this one because it seems like Minaj was merely having some Halloween fun.

Check out some photos of Nicki Minaj at her Halloween party below.

Nicki Minaj Party