French Montana & Fetty Wap – Power Lyrics

(Chorus – Fetty Wap)
They see, our lives are not the same, baby
I chase the money not the fame, baby
I flex, finesse, I do my thang, baby
See all these diamonds in my chain, baby
Aye, I’m rolling, I’m rolling, I’m rolling, yeah
Aye, she really don’t know where I’m going, yeah
Aye, I’m rolling, I’m rolling, I’m rolling, yeah
Aye, you see, I our lives are not the same, baby

(Verse 1 – Fetty Wap)
I just copped the new Benzo
And you see em stacks, my b**ch she thought that was a Rang Rove, baby
And she can have a lake house
You know I keep it on me so god knows ni**as done came out, baby
And givenchy make my chain glow, shouts out to Zoo Gang Gang
Two thousand make my thang glow, baby
Tryna skurt on

I stay on the dose
1,000 for some bracelets
Zoo Gang will make some hits, baby
I move the right directions, baby
And you know I’m ’bout to cash in, baby

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – French Montana)
I f**k with the Vodka she f**k with the Rose
Strap in the Uber they searching the Rouge
Came from the bottle put work in the stove
I left out the bando, came back in the rose
F**k all em problems, drinking the Hen out the bottle
Shawtys a model , she wanna do
Chasing em dollars, making em move
How bout that ooh, my dawg on the news
Came from the bottom baby, how can I lose?
It’s finner than delly, hit up my celly for 2 for 5
Make me a milli, Vodka with Diddy
Hop in the coupe and slide, skurt
Shawty, chasing fame, ni**a
She don’t know my name, ni**a
Left her by the bando came back in the Lambo

(Repeat Chorus)