Flexx Split From T.O.K. To Launch Solo Career

Dancehall singjay Flexx is launching his own solo career following a split from iconic dancehall group T.O.K.

Flexx says that he parted ways with the group because other members were focused on their own personal endeavors and not giving the group any attention.

“A chain is as strong as its weakest link, and I think every man a duh them owna thing right now. When you talk to them, they say T.O.K is priority, but it’s clear that’s not the case,” Flexx said. “I am not going to sit and wait on people to do their business because I have a youth and business to take care of. I also feel like music is my first love and mi just need fi put more inna Double X right now. I had some singles before, but at the end of the day, T.O.K was priority. But right now, Double X is my priority.”

Flexx also noted that their is no bad blood between the former group members.