Blak Ryno – Hold My Meds Lyrics

Weh mi do? Mi light up a spliff light the street light
Deh bag a cush yah meck mi feel so nice
The bush weed wouldn’t feel right yea
Suh if you wanna believe it try da cush yah
A it relieve mi yea

Caw mi a hold my medz yea
That’s why mi eye dem red yea
Mi blaze it up by the bulk
Purple ears or the skunk
The trees have mi feeling drunk
And mi naw drink no rum
Mi hear supn in a mi head side
Just a knock like a drum
Mi eye start shut down
Mi start feel num
Mi under the AC
A just cold sweat a run
Mi si mi daughter walk in
Nearly call her mi son

(Pre Chorus)
But mi just feel so high yea
Mi seh mi feel so right yea
Floating by
Smoking high

(Repeat Chorus)

No stress
Straight from West
No gold pon chest
Bare man a ask fi the high grade sess
Mi gyal come link mi
Seh shi waan the stinky
The real stinky, stinky
Mi gi her piece but mi pinch hi
Shi know mi have the linky
Fi her eye get pinky
This a the high grade trees
Mi naw tell you bout no play taste minty

(Repeat Chorus)