Masicka – Forever Lyrics

Gyal you a my baby yea
Baby yea
F**king you forever, wi cyaa left
F**king you forever

Baby yea, baby yea
F**king you forever
Five gyal, six gyal, shi naw left

(Verse 1)
Gyal mi f**king you forever
Gyal skin pretty like Italian leather
Come wi go Italy nuh, in a the cold weather
Deh, deh, from mi broke
Now mi a count threader
Bad man a f**k you yea
Real go getter
Bet mi lost dollar seh fi her hole better
Naw dis you fi rat head
No sah mi know better
You meck mi get excited
Like mi in a 4th grade and get a love letter

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
And if shi get a new man him haffi know that
A fi him girl but a me a control that
Shi gi mi the pu**y shi naw hold back
Mi seh mi love you, baby a whole lot
Mi ain’t C.A.R.T. hold that
Yo si da pu**y deh, real top score that
A nuh bronze, a nuh silver, a gold that
Wi lock down, phone lock off, door lock

(Repeat Chorus)