Kranium – Rumors Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Rumors have it that you leaving me baby
Everybody talking bare things seh you don’t rate mi
Have been wondering what have been doing wrong lately
What is going on? Is like waan drive me crazy

But if you wanna stay, stay
If you wanna leave babe then leave
If you wanna stay, stay
But if you wanna leave, babe leave

Please stay! Please don’t leave like this
Everything we did, everything we had
You cant throw away like this

(Verse 2)
Been thinking bout the love we had
Use to treat me good, you never treat me bad
Now you listening to what people have to say lately it’s crazy
I know you wanna leave
Since you wont believe
That I still love you baby

(Repeat Chorus)

All this time that you say you love me
Prove it to me baby
Cause I got lot more love for you
So much