Future Fambo Ft. Sean Paul, Beenie Man & Demarco – Bloodclaute Song (Remix) Lyrics

(Chorus – Future Fambo)
Tell a bwoy this a the bloodclaute song
Bwoy dis wi dem bloodclaute wrong
Mi wi tek weh yo bloodclaute gyal
And tek off her bloodclaute tong

Jamaica weh mi bloodclaute from
Mi nuh roll without my gang
Bwoy dis, no question
Should a never dis the real badman

(Sean Paul – Verse 1)
When wi a roll in a the bloodclaute van
Wid the bloodclaute gyal dem and the bloodclaute gang
Disrespect you would a bloodclaute wrong
Cause Future Fambo dem a bloodclaute don
Turn up the sound pon the bloodclaute song
Cause you done know seh this a the remix one
Turn up the vibe wi nuh fraid a no one
Caw you done know we got allot a bloodclaute gun

(Demarco – Verse 2)
The Remix Bloodclaute mad
Bus mi own a gun suh mi bloodclaute bad
Tell a bwoy put the money in a the bloodclaute bag
Or every rass store get bloodclaute tag

Fambo, da tune yah lock the dancehall
Beenie, Sugar don’t Marco, Sean paul?
Rise up the rifle dem weh tall, tall
Fi mi name dem gyal nuh stop bloodclaute call

(Repeat Chorus by Fambo)

(Beenie Man – Verse 3)
Fambo a weh the bloodclaute this?
This a the bloodclaute song remix
A couldn’t me some pu**y waan dis
Me, Papa buss it, badman nuh itch
Tek weh yo money and yo bloodclaute bi**h
We know seh dem a bloodclaute witch
Feds hold dem and dem bloodclaute witch
Then dem find yo body in a bloodclaute ditch

(Future Fambo – Verse 4)
Man a top shooter
Man a real hot steppa
Disrespect shot burn like pepper
Gyal dem know wi a the real home wrecker
Wi nuh tek talk, wi a meck talk
Anyweh wi go a bare bad bwoy walk
Glock paw mi hip, split paw mi lip
Tell a bwoy don’t violate and trip
You in a the dream yo gyal sit down pon mi d**k

(Repeat Chorus By Future Fambo 2X)