Jeezy Ft. Janelle Monáe – Sweet Life Lyrics

(Chorus – Janelle Monáe)
Sweet life, oh my, you turn this to life
All the darkness, scattered out of sight
I’ve been waiting on this for some time
Now that it’s here, I’m gonna rewind

(Verse 1 – Jeezy)
When my back’s against the wall then I react
The point of no return, hey it ain’t no coming back
Ask me what the difference is, I got everything they lack
And I really touched that bag, see I really had a sack
I done been to Hell and back, I seen Lucifer himself
I seen ni**as pawn their souls cause they ain’t got nothing left
F**k all that hoping and wishing, my ni**a, play your position
I know you thought I wasn’t looking but I was paying attention
No you can’t see through my shades, just know I’m smiling inside
It’s like the old me deceased, I’m kinda glad that I died
This that new and improved, this that I’m in the mood
You know he don’t like to lose so why y’all f**king with dude?
Hey look it could be that Pac in me, or maybe my prophesy
Won’t let you drive me crazy, it’s like I studied psychology
Ask me my occupation, I say I live for a living
Now what you see when you see me? I did alright for a villain
My sweet life

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Jeezy)
I guess the haters ain’t so bad after all
I’m looking forward to my haters coming after y’all
Boy you sure had me fooled, you should’ve been an actor, dawg
My success, it make you jump like you’ve been drinking alcohol
Yeah I’m bout to go so hard, I’ma make these ni**as sick
Ain’t no neutral, what’s your side? I’ma make you ni**as pick
Hey I don’t know everything, I just know what I know
Why would you follow them ni**as? They don’t even know where to go
Won’t see me do no complaining, maybe some rearranging
Now let’s get this understood, sometimes some change can be good
Could be good, could be great, your destiny or your fate
If I wasn’t a ghetto prophet I’d still be moving the weight
Yeah you know when I’m winning, you see me out and i’m grinning
Been chasing paper since Monday, that’s 7 days I’ve been sinning
Count your tests and blessings cause they’re all God given
Like it’s the big magic question, how did I dodge prison?
My sweet life

(Repeat Chorus)