Tifa – Ratings Lyrics

Mi a gyal whe f**k my man
Suh mi man naw cheat paw mi
Weh mi seh?

Mi a gyal weh whine my man
Suh mi sure him naw stray from mi

(Verse 1)
Some gyal, dem a worry bout man when dem left dem yard
Mi nuh worry when mi deh a broad
My man real as f**k
Suh mi know seh mi man a nuh-nuh, bloodclaat fraud
And even if him know him a go cheat a nuh worthless gyal him a go beat
Weh mi seh?
Even if him have a one gyal
No matie cyaa come calla me

My ratings up deh, up deh suh
Suh you know him haffi respect mi
And anyway mi f**k a good man
Suh no bloodclaat crosses cyaa follow mi

My ratings tall dem up deh
Suh no gyal cyaa hype up paw mi
Every man weh know dem place
Dem space mi a wife suh no gyal cyaa trap mi

Any man mi deh wid haffi member
How mi pu**y meck him surrender
Mi a the number one contender
It nuh get no better than this

(Verse 2)
Weh mi seh, pu**y food, pu**y right, pu**Y tight
It travel first class paw mi pu**y flight
Mi pu**y serious like a judge
Suh him haffi call KD. Knight
Mi man know weh him have so him haffi come home
Some gyal a try an get dial tone
Some gyal pu**y travel dem pu**y a rome
That’s why a me alone him own

(Repeat Chorus 3X)