Stacious – Back Up & Ride Lyrics

Mi a one gyal weh nuh easy
A nuh any man a road can please mi
One man to the thing, him alone mi waan
Him c**key mi pu**y a squeeze hi

Him love it when mi back up, an c**k up, an ride
Back up, an c**k up, an ride
When mi star move him waan fi go commit suicide
When mi c**k up, an back up, an ride

Back up, an c**k up, an ride
C**k up, an back up, an ride
Him him si mi styles and the acrobatic skills weh mi have
Him waan fi commit suicide

(Verse 1)
Him seh him have a strong drink tonight
Him seh him waan shift it to the side
Him waan gi mi a bad gyal whine even though mi a the bride
And mi know mi supn wetter than the tide
Him want it every night
One thing nuh bother act too polite
When you get it just beat it up right
Punch it up like boxer weh a fight
Mi know you love the feeling when time you deh round a back a mi yah

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
True mi pum-pum special
Mi pum-pum special
Tell yo gyal wash out her hole wid detal
Smell like gas shi a walking petrol
And any man go deh you haffi tell her seh go weh gyal
Mi whine and pedal, then get the medal
All the other gyal dem you have dem a dead as
Pop down and mash up, and dem cyaa manage
Look round a back you si mi heavy like baggage

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)