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Nicki Minaj Still Upset With Miley Cyrus For Bashing Her

Nicki Minaj shocked everyone at this summer’s MTV Video Music Awards when she attacked Miley Cyrus for trashing her in the media the previous month.

Speaking with the NY Times magazine, Minaj opened up about her reasons for attacking the controversial pop star at the VMAs in August.

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“The fact that you feel upset about me speaking on something that affects black women makes me feel like you have some big balls,” she said. “You’re in videos with black men, and you’re bringing out black women on your stages, but you don’t want to know how black women feel about something that’s so important?”

Nicki Minaj called out the VMAs for snubbing her “Anaconda” music video for the Video Of The Year category. Pop stars such as Taylor Swift took offense and called her out although she eventually apologize.

“If you want to enjoy our culture and our lifestyle, bond with us, dance with us, have fun with us, twerk with us, rap with us, then you should also want to know what affects us, what is bothering us, what we feel is unfair to us. You shouldn’t not want to know that,” Minaj added.

Nicki Minaj also sound off on the biggest rap beef of the year between her boyfriend Meek Mill and her labelmate Drake.

She noted that they are grown men and the beef is ridiculous. The Young Money rapper also said that she doesn’t want to choose sides against people that she love.