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Vanessa Bling – Stay Inna Yuh Lane (New Music)

New music here by Vanessa Bling entitled “Stay Inna Yuh Lane,” produced by MadHouse Productions.

Rock star life from mi toe to mi teeth
Champion lover when mi under the sheet
Bwoy cyaa leave caw Vanessa too sweet
Yes a me have the bestes best underneath
Real life hot gyal mi cute and mi neat
Check mi IG mi nuh wear and repeat
Real boss lady nuh tek back seat
Cause a my selfie a get the most re-tweet
Some a throw shade caw dem cyaa compete
Right now a my thing a burn down street
A nuh my fault if you boyfriend a cheat
Then exit the kitchen if you cyaa tek the heat

Vanessa Bling – Stay Inna Yuh Lane Lyrics

Listen full track below.

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