Jeezy Ft. Migos – Pipe it Up (Remix) Lyrics

Yea, Propane, What’s happenin ni**a
Church In the streets
They better tighten up ni**a
I stay piped up

(Chorus – Quavo)
Pipe it up  (7X)
I walk in the club just to pipe it up
I stand on the stage and I pipe it up
Get a regular hoe tell her pipe it up
Go buy a bando then I pipe it up

(Verse 1 – Jeezy)
Look, pipe that bi**h up
Them bottles they light up my section
Just look at these haters, what they doin’?
They looking off in my direction
Moving my hood bi**h I’ve been a boss
Weigh up the 9, said Aninia Ross
Buss it up, cook it up, get it off
What you do with the rest
That’s so and salt
They play with the sack
They gon’get the pipe
Then they gon pull up and hit the lights
Hop out that bi**h like I’m doughboy
125, that’s a 4 boy
You piped up, then I piped her down
I’mma lil wet, she gon wipe me down
Balling like Birde and
I rolled down the top like sun slip
I made the team ni**a f**k the coach
Them ni**as you made man you hate the most
Jack got em in, they fresh off the boat
2 of them bi**hes and bought a rope
Bentley GT doing drivebys
Pocket G4 doing flybys
Church in these streets
Ya’ll best tighten up
How much you drop when you pipe it up?

(Repeat Chorus)