Migos – Talk More Than Bi**hes Lyrics

(Intro – Quavo)
Huh? He saying what? He said that for real? Ha Ha. Oh yeah, he said that too? Damn

(Chorus – Quavo)
These ni**as talk more than b**ches [8X]

(Verse 1 – Quavo)
These n**as talk more than bi**hes
They tryna clock a ni**a dollars
They tryna see if you a baller
Check the tag on your collar
Instead of hating on the next man
You need to try to be the best man
I think you got it from your girlfriend
Talking about bi**hes contagious man
You talking about Keisha
Really you acting like Keisha
You don’t run it up you a runner
You grown but you live with your momma
All of y’all ni**as be talking
And can’t even pull out a hundred
All of y’all ni**as jabroni
They phony they can’t even keep it a hundred
My ni**as came from nothing
They go to the bando and get them a bundle
Talking ass ni**a you pu**y
When I was 16 I trap out a onion
We put our stripes in the hood
Migos on the north, you know that we run it
These ni**as more than Oprah
They telling the feds who done it

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Takeoff)
These ni**as talk more than bi**hes
Don’t piss if it’s ni**as be bi**hing
You singing the….you be snitching
Dope on your nose ni**as calling you Whitney
Quit the watching ni**a pockets
Watching to see what he pull out his wallet
Look like you plotting my ni**a
That’s how you get hit with that pocket rocket
My ni**as Aretha we got respect
Your ni**as talk sweet on the internet
I know that you really get finger f***ed
But my ni**a we not gone speak on that
Your CEO gay, need to see bout that
My neck got more gold than a treasure chest
You know that I’m having this manifest
I’m my brother’s keeper no Malcolm X
These ni**as talk more than these bi**hes
Wear panties and leggings
I’m laughing and giggling
These ni**as they shopping at Tiffany’s
In the city they Victoria’s Secreting
Your money short like a Pilgrim
Ni**as talk like Williams
Rest in peace to the late Robin Williams
Two years ago seen my first million

(Repeat Chorus)