Jeezy – Gold Bottles Lyrics

Yeah, yeah
You know what this is ni**a?
When this s**t come on in the club, awoooo

ARs over here, they pop like gold bottles
47s over here, they pop like gold bottles
Ain’t no bi**hes in the section, you got no bottles
Ni**a we winning over here, we popping gold bottles
Tell me why my wrist look like them gold bottles
S**t around my neck look like some gold bottles
One thing about them ho, they love them gold bottles
Extendos for my foes they pop like gold bottles

(Verse 1)
Motherf**k all ya’ll ni**as, yeah, ya’ll thought I was over
Give a f**k about this rap s**t, really done it with soda
Got big in your city, then that’s one happy promoter
Give a f**k if it day, count it me up more in Dakota
My ni**a told me to cook it, yeah you know it was over
See I didn’t wait no time, I went and whipped me a Rova
Heavy in that new pu**y just like a new Maserati
Talking wax on wax off just like I’m Mr. Miyagi
Don’t make her light up that big boy like that scene off of Belly
Run with them lunatics, dirty and G like they Nelly
I spent a mil on my hood, I’m like f**k a Bugatti
But when you get your first mil they think that you illuminati

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
F**king em like a…I got my balls and my word
Only thing that we celebrate is the first and the third
No jeans True Religion
Five piece new edition
I moved them s**ts like magician
Then went and copped new edition
Them bucket full on my table
Park them s**t like I’m
My ni**a move when I say so
Teacher don’t forget the yayo
I’m in my spaceship on bankhead, told that bi**h I’m on fable
I want that heavenly head, I told her get me that halo
If it’s ever an issue, that big gone blow like a whistle
If you come in my section tonight your ni**a gone miss you
Three off in public, that boy was holding the bread
Had to call that boy Flipper that left a hole in his head

(Repeat Chorus)