Jah Vinci – Sexual Desire Lyrics

Yea she give me touch
Touch, that lights up the heart
Heart, she give me kisses
Makes you see the fire sparks

When shi in her sexual desire
Mi touch her meck her skin catch a fire
The feelings getting higher

And if you want we can do it again
And if you want we can do it again
And I will make you feel complete

(Verse 1)
Meck mi show you how a real man dweet
Stand firm caw mi never weak
Look how yo likkle body neat
Me love it when you tip up paw yo feat
Mi baby just whine fi me

Baby mi meck yo sweat like a the first time you a get
Like nobody never please her yet
Tell the DJ turn up the riddim caw deh gyal yah waan whine
Worst when shi in her prime

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi love when you bubble up pon it
Haffi come back mi nuh one it
Sink it like the Titanic
Have gyal a scream and panic yeah
And tell mi seh shi love mi really
Mi a meck shi feel it

(Repeat Chorus)