O.T. Genasis – I’m Out Here ft. Wiz Khalifa Lyrics

(Verse 1 – O.T. Genasis)
Came up on a lot of bread
Gotta slow down, I been getting a lot ahead
Still selling cocaine
Drill going through my phone, I ain’t storing no name
Catch me if you can bi**h
Wor-word around town, I’m the man bi**h
Selling all these grams bi**h
Gotta grip the money like I’m ’bout to eat a sandwich
Bout bring the Mazi out
Money bands, I’ma bring the Ricky Bobby out
Life in the fast lane
Smoke weed, pop pills, drink a lot of champagne
Met a bad bi**h, I don’t thirst that
Took a bi**h down, I don’t thirst that
Now she calling my phone early
Oh you thirsty, damn girl you thirsty

(Pre Chorus) O.T Genasis)
Looking for a thong, right here
Looking for some love, not here
The man with the money, right here

(Chorus – O.T. Genasis]
Bi**h I’m out here
Just made a 100 on my wrist, bi**h I’m out here
Spent 350 for the whip, bi**h I’m out here
And I got a brand new bi**h, bi**h I’m out here
Bi**h I’m out here

(Verse 2 – Wiz Khalifa)
Out here, stunting out here
Hustling out here, cuffing nothing till she out here f**king
Out here thugging, out here, puff a whole ounce tryna see that thang bounce, shake something
On the couch yeah, break you off yeah
I’ma knock the pu**y out, put it in her mouth yeah
F**k you mean bi**h I’m out here
Don’t know where that pu**y been so I ain’t going down there
I got mushrooms in my lemonade
West Coast bi**hes gangbanging
East Coast girls rolling Backwoods
My down south girls love me cause I f**k em good
As you should

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)