Drake & Future – Digital Dash Lyrics

(Intro – Future)
My dope in the bushes
My dope in the bushes
I know how to cook it
My bi**h good looking
My bi**h good looking
My bi**h good looking
My dope in the bushes
I know how to cook it
Yeah, yeah, yeah

(Chorus – Future)
I did the digital dash
I f**k your bi**h in the passenger
I give the junky a blast
I send that dope to your momma tho
Out in the streets like thermometers
You rats will never be honorable
They know I’mma kid of my word
A hustler the first to the first

(Verse 1 – Future)
These bi**hes be naggin the kid
They get on my motherf**king nerves
I showed her my racks and they love me
I’m smoking that pack on muddy
Taliban on these hoes
Give a Xan to these hoes
Got em playing with they nose
I sleep on the beach off the avenue
I came to your city with revenue
I put in work it was evident
I slide on your ass in the 7 deuce
Come back on your bi**h in a six trey
Chevy, Mercedes I keep em coming
F**k all these bi**hes I keep em coming
I pull up right now I’m parallel
I hit your block with them swangers
My ni**as ain’t nothing but some bangers
I sit in the trap with the gangsters
You don’t come around here cause its dangerous
I be hanging around here and I’m famous
Gotta keep the trigger by my finger
Hit her sideways when I banged her
In the driveway on a perc
I was sideways on a perc
Had a stick on me, thats a first
Got your bi**h on me getting murked
I post up and thats confident
I boast up in a drop 6
Gotta Ghost Royce and I pop s**t
I’m a dope boy with that car, trick
I came in the game I had crack on me
Got Bape on my back with some Act on me
I’m single and s**t and she lash on me
I told em’ I’m back on my bachelor
I get focused on millions and everything
I just took me a trip out to Africa
See how we came from the mud and the bottom, we did it
I see how they counting this out
Bet they ain’t never gonna do it again
You see why these ni**as be hating, ignoring, I’m going right in
I was born to get this money in this life of sin
I bought up before they got my dog on murder again
See the fire come out the ass on the Lamborghini
When you say you love a ni**a do you really mean it
When I was sleeping on the floor you shoulda seen how they treat me
I pour the Actavis and pop pills so I can fight the demons

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Drake)
These bi**hes be nagging the kid
F**k it, it is what it is, if you get hit you get hit
I don’t forget or forgive
Told myself never again, I don’t let nobody in
Super just showed out again
And we just keep serving and serving again
And again and again and again
I move the game up, I’m reckless
I’m Harlem shaking through the pressure
I might put Diddy on my next s**t
I might could fit you in on a Wednesday
I’m not here for no pretend s**t
Just walked in with a girl that’s making triple what I’m making, what an entrance
That’s when you know its a body
Zone 6, they know it’s a body
Kirkwood, they know it’s a body
Lil Mexico know it’s a body
Scooter in here with the zombies
Gucci get out it’s a problem
I might take Quentin to Follies
You hate your life, just be honest
I got the digital dash
She want a picture with all of my ni**as that just made the visual last
But she too embarrassed to ask
I got my foot on their neck and my foot on the gas
You remind me of a quarterback, that sh*t is all in the past
Esco and Boomin they got it on smash
And I got the, I got the, I got the, I got the, I

(Repeat Chorus)